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Targeted Jobs

Workforce Development, Inc. (WDI) offers a list of Targeted Jobs that contains information about occupations, their median annual wages, their educational requirements, and any site-based training opportunities available for them. We use this list to help guide our workforce preparation efforts across Southeast Minnesota. Job seekers can find employment opportunities that are in demand and meet their background and goals.

The list includes high-growth, high-demand jobs that pay a median wage of at least $11 per hour or have the career advancement potential to make such wages. Contact the nearest WDI office to meet one-on-one with a Career Planner and learn more about opportunities in Southeast Minnesota.

Summary List of Targeted Jobs – 02/2017
List of Targeted Jobs by Sector – 05/2017

The Targeted Jobs list is updated every two years. We use local labor information and in-the-field knowledge from area employers and private industry members of the Workforce Development Board to create the list.

Labor Market Information

You can find links to labor market information below. WDI also possesses a wealth of local labor market information. Take advantage of our workforce resources and knowledge to find a new career or direct recruitment efforts for your business. Click on the links below for more resources.

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