Workforce Development Board

The purpose of the Workforce Development Board is to involve the private business community, local units of government, human service organizations, economic development, and educational institutions in the planning, design, and delivery of state and federally funded employment and training. This training is for the economically disadvantaged and other specified groups of individuals as defined by state and federal law. Click here to read more about our board member requirements and term limits.

Meet Our Members (Listed by Last Name)

  • Dalila Amaya
  • Mike Bambrick
  • Dan Belshan
  • Aaron Benike
  • Lucas Boelter
  • Jeffery Boyd
  • Shelly Caldwell
  • Brian Cashman
  • Jeff Custer (Treasurer)
  • John Devlin
  • Jess Anderson
  • Rick Gnemi
  • Cheryl Gustason (President)
  • Sheldon Steele
  • Nadine Holthaus
  • Jim Kingsley
  • Chad Kleist
  • Marleen Lundberg
  • Erin Main
  • Vicki McKay
  • John Pugleasa
  • Michelle Pyfferoen
  • Jim Root
  • Dee Sabol
  • Phillip Sayles
  • Diane Simon
  • Geoff Smith
  • Ray Talamantes
  • Joy Watson
  • Marvin Urias


Meeting Minutes

Joint Powers Board

The Joint Powers Board is made up of County Commissioners from the ten counties in Workforce Service Area #8 (Dodge, Fillmore Freeborn, Goodhue, Houston, Mower, Olmsted, Rice, Steele and Wabasha). The purpose of the Joint Powers Board was to establish Workforce Development, Inc., which delivers Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act services in the region, as well as other related employment and training programs. The Joint Powers Board provides oversight and policy formulation for Workforce Development, Inc.

Meet Our Members (Listed by Name)

  • Jeff Baldus
  • Dan Belshan – Chair
  • Ken Brown
  • Linda Flanders
  • Rick Gnemi
  • Cheryl Key – Secretary
  • Mitch Lentz
  • Rhonda Toquam
  • Steve Underdahl
  • Teresa Walter

Meeting Minutes


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